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I make my rounds across the `net, and I thought I'd make a page to use as 'My Web Page' for people who are trying to see who that guy posting about a battle between Daleks and Jedi really is.  Mostly, it's a pointer to the other places I inhabit online, to make life easy on the CyberStalkers.  We have to get our breaks where we can take them, right?

First of all, I am a late-seventies born male, deeply in love with my best friend and wife, Marlise, raising my daughters, the twenty-years-younger Raven, thirty-years-younger Inara, and thirty-four-years younger Majel.  If you think you've seen me around town, you probably can identify me by the blue quartered circle that serves as a logo for me, both on things I've decorated, and a tattoo on my right forearm.

As of this writing, my main haunts are my Twitter BirdTwitter for talking comics with my buddies at #HorizonLabs and #DrunkPete, and G+Google+ for everything else.  My main account, pretty much everywhere, is Alexius@QuarteredCircle.net.  You can also find me listening to o/~Keep Radio and hiding things on that page.

I also have a few accounts at other sites I frequent:

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Quotes About Me:

  • [info]Prehensile_wit:
    Is [info]LexPendragon a morning person or a night person? OMG a night person, he's the only person I wouldn't trust with the choice if god/dess gave us the option to extinguish the sun.
  • [info]DanaWoods:
    You are so damn cute, man. You're smart and funny, and you're totally comfortable with your sexuality in a way people often say that they are, but really aren't. And I completely respect and admire that ... It gives me hope for men in general.
  • [info]Iarraidh:
    You have a wide-eyed curiosity and a soul that's older than your current years would indicate.
  • [info]OpalJax:
    Lex rocks.
    Lex Rocks - Not quite as sugar-laden as Pop Rocks, but possibly just as much fun in the shower, for the right person.
  • Diana, Of Sassafras Grove:
    You're Fun!
  • [info]Pastor_Hudson:
    You're a bad influence.
  • [info]FeatherYnScale:
    • You rule, because you are the least drama ever.
    • I <3 'Lex.
    • Lex Pendragon holds the new record for making my dreams come true. *grin*

  • [info]Guy_with_Hounds:
    your a strange little man.
  • [info]Triadruid:
    Some of us met Lex at Heartland a couple years back; he lived in (PA?) at the time, and recently moved here. He's great fun, low drama, and looks good with his pants off. :)
  • [info]HermeticAlchemy:
    My earliest memory of you was at a NHPD meeting where we were discussing 'truth' and Robyn asked you almost incredulously, 'So you believe that YOUR beliefs are RIGHT?' You calmly responded with, 'Well yeah, or I wouldn't believe them.' You immediately earned 20 Respect Points.
  • [info]Jenx:
    OMG. You rock.
  • [info]RFunk:
    Your new name: The MacGyver of straws.
  • [info]Berkie:
    You're pretty damn awesome. Just thought you should know.
  • [info]Tori_Vixen:
    You've been a voice of reason and that says alot ;)
  • Eddie Cramer, from AJJE Games:
    I take it back you are not mischievous you 'Lex are downright evil.
  • Jeannette Giesbrecht, from AJJE Games:
    Lex Pendragon: Wise and warm, he is my right hand, my go-to guy and someone I trust to the very end. His guidance and advice have proven invaluable to me in many aspects of my life, and if I ever lose sight of the forest for the trees, I know Lex will bring me back to the big picture. One day, I might even beat him in Scrabble.
  • My wife: [info]Marlise:
    • You can spew the wisdom of chaos and discord until your blue in the face, but when it comes to patience and seeing the big picture, you are definitely the voice of wisdom.
    • I hate that your patient and understanding.
    • My eyes were too big for my pu---

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